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7th- 12th Grade Students spend a grueling four days on the hardwood.  We will focuses on player development, taking students through many of the drills that are used to build NBA and highly touted Division I players.

Topics Covered Include

  • Level 1-3 Foot speed development system with the jump-rope
  • PROPER use of triple threat
  • Offseason and in-season Leadership
  • Game Leadership
  • Teammate Relations
  • Player Coach Relations
  • Workout Development
  • Player development
  • Attacking more athletic players in transition
  • Attacking more athletic players in Half Court sets
  • Defensive manipulation
  • Concepts designed to put players in position to make the game easy
  • Concepts that allow players to play stronger against stronger, more athletic players
  • Creating angles on defense in half court sets
  • Creating angles on defense in transition
  • Proper use of common training tools
  • Creating passing angles in transition
  • Creating better passing angles in half court sets
  • Movement without the ball
  • Making reads off of off ball screens
  • Getting open without the ball concepts like the double bump
  • Creating space vs. quicker more athletic players
  • Creating shots for teammates

Topics Covered Cont.

  • Creating shots in late game situations
  • Quick release passing that leads to quick release shots and first step
  • How to develop a more vocal teammate in game situations
  • Ways to get teammates involved in off season training
  • How to create intensity in practice
  • How to Finish at the rim in different game situations
  • Motivational techniques
  • How to develop a family type atmosphere with teammates
  • How to deal with off court team issues
  • Proper reads out of the pick in roll game vs. different defensive strategies
  • Pick and roll angles that create advantages vs. different personal and defensive schemes
  • How to defend the Pick in roll in all situations vs. different personal
  • Concepts that aide in defending the pick and roll no matter how your program defends the pick
  • Team defense concepts on the ball
  • Team defense concepts in help side (including more efficient ways to cover ground on and off the ball.



Players with a strong level of confidence with the basketball for 7th-12th Grade Boys & Girls


1 day a week 6:30pm-8pm